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Leisure activities


Cologne is an exciting, multicultural city with lots of interesting sights and events. We want to recommend some famous spots:


Cologne's Cathedral

Visit the great nave and find out more about the three Magi or crest the tower to see Cologne from above.

Chocolate museum

Learn more about the fabrication of chocolate and try their chocolate cake in the Grand Café!

Parfume museum Farina

This ist the home of the famous "Eau de Cologne" and lot's of other parfumes.

Old market - Alter Markt

The heart of Cologne - discover all the narrow streets and alleys of the historic center.

Cable car

"The cable car offers you the most attractive bird's eye view of the city. Take a leisurely trip across 'Old father Rhine' and admire the city's fascinating panorama." (www.koelner-seilbahn.de)

Boat trip

"What would Cologne be without the Rhine?" (https://www.cologne-tourism.com/guided-tours/boat-trips.html)


Please have a look on our map where you find more information to museums, cinemas and smaller historic spots.